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IKEA for children

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IKEA in the activity a lot of attention to children. This is reflected not only in the production of products, equipment intended for children of different ages, but also in carrying out various charity events around the world. In this review we will try to tell you more about the most interesting and famous IKEA products for children.

Furniture for children's rooms

Perhaps the most famous series of children's IKEA is MAMMUT.MAMMUT - Is a children's furniture: beds, cupboards, shelves, etc. The main material is plastic and wood. The colors are very nice and do not irritate the eyes. This series will be used both at home and in the children's playroom in the office or shop.

Here are a couple of children's interiors of the series. More interiors our gallery.

The perfect complement toMAMMUT can serve series TROFAST. Эта серия мебели ИКЕА предназначена для хранения игрушек и различной мелочевки в детской комнате. С мебелью этой серии все игрушки всегда будут аккуратно сложены. А благодаря простоте использования, ребенка будет легче приучить к порядку. Вы сможете без проблем найти комбинацию или подобрать свою, которая будет полностью удовлетворять Вашим предпочтениям и размерам комнаты. Стеллажи данной серии также нашли своё применение как в различных дошкольных учреждениях, так и в игровых комнатах магазинов самой компании ИКЕА.

Series of children's furniture LEKSVIK different natural materials and colors. The furniture of this series is made of solid softwood, stained and covered with varnish. A baby cot length of this series can be increased as the child grows.

Children's furniture at IKEA also represented in drugh series:

  • STUVA - Various combinations of storage children's clothes, toys, etc. Wide range of colors and combinations of options end.
  • SUNDVIK - Children's table and chair in white and black and brown colors.
  • GULLIVER - Are presented in a series of children's beds, changing tables and high chair for toddlers.
  • Critter - Chair, desk and bed. Color - white, blue, red, birch.
  • MINNEN - Decoration series - cot "antique".
  • SNIGLAR - Inexpensive series, including baby bed and changing table. Main material - beech.
  • HENSVIK - A series of furniture for children, made in white. Includes children's beds, wardrobe and cupboard with shelves.
Supplement for IKEA furniture series, which are presented in cribs is series Wissa. In this series, like its adult equivalent - SULTANShows the various embodiments of mattresses. Unlike older series - mattresses are designed for children and adolescents, but not for adults.


Coverage for a child's room - a separate issue. For these purposes, IKEA has three series: SKOYG, SMILA и SNEIG. Data series together fully cover all the needs in terms of coverage for children. In these series are presented as table lamps of different colors, and ceiling lights and bedside different shapes and colors that give a soft mood lighting.


Отдельной строкой необходимо отметить текстиль для детей. Для детей, которые должны спать гораздо больше, чем взрослые, особенно важен здоровый сон. То, насколько бодрым и жизнерадостным просыпается ребёнок, во многом зависит от того, в какой постели он проводит часы сна. Серии текстиля для детей ИКЕА включают весь необходимый ассортимент, а не только различные простынки и наволочки. Вы также найдете шторы для детской разлинчых расскрасок, детские одеяла, полотенца, ковры и многое другое. Итак, серии детского текстиля ИКЕА: VITAMINER, Torv, FABLER KAMRATER, FABLER.


Novelty in 2011 was a series of LECA Circus, Translated from the Swedish "Playing in the circus." In this series there are toys which appearance is directly related to the circus. This soft cubes with clowns, mat with circus animals, as well as a trainer for the baby as a circus ringmaster.

Generally toys at IKEA presented several series:

  • DUKTIG - Girly series. It represented a toy kitchen furniture and utensils.
  • LEKKAMRAT - For girls. Dolls and clothes for them.
  • LILLABU - Toy cars and railways.
  • MULE - Wooden educational toys.
  • GOSIG и FABLER - Soft toys

Evli you want to develop in your child's creativity, you can not do without series MALL. This series includes all known IKEA-board easel and drawing paper, markers, crayons and other devices, ready to make the creative process more enjoyable and fun.

Goods for children's safety

For kids safety is very important. IKEA has taken care of that. In a series of products PATROL includes various tools that can make your child's life is much safer. More details about this series, you can read here.

More ...

Talk about IKEA products for children can be infinitely long. It's no wonder online IKEA goods for children devoted an entire section. Tell about all the interesting and "tasty" things in one small review impossible, including suggest you to a little wander through the IKEA website and you will certainly find something that you want to buy. Also see examples in our children's rooms gallery interior.

In conclusion, we draw your attention to the specialized children's IKEA catalog: "IKEA - children and their parents. From birth to 3 years" и "IKEA - children and their parents. 3 to 7 years". In these directories, you can find almost the full range of children's IKEA.


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